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Blackcurrant & Liquorice Fudge - Try It!

This is our latest favourite flavour combination. Dani and I are unanimous. It is extraordinary. Yes, we are indeed blowing our own trumpet - and why not? Sometimes in life, you may like something that someone else really doesn't, no matter how much you try and convince them. "Try this, it's amaaazing" you insist but they just pull a face and wander off. Or perhaps they say, "I don't like fudge" or "I don't like liquorice". Strange, I know (me pulling a weird face) but each to their own particular palate.

We have made this flavour before but not many of you tried it. It must be something about the combination of ingredients that just don't appeal. BUT this time, I am going to go on about it until you DO try some. THEN tell me your verdict.

You know we only want what is best for you... (like your mother who ALWAYS knows best). The blackcurrant gives it the sour taste that compliments the sweetness beautifully but the liquorice comes in and just blows everything out of the water by creating a new deep caramelly flavour. Doesn't seem logical but it must be the mixing of the two that creates this miracle! Yes, you do get a teeny bit of mouth-numbing from the aniseed element, but that is a sideshow compared to the whole experience.

What more can we say? Other than try it and then review it so that all the other doubters out there can share the experience too. Fudge-lovers, have we ever misled you? You know it makes sense. 😋😘

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1 Comment

How very sad to hear of the demise of the liquorice fudge: one of my absolute favourites, alongside burnt black treacle. I would include it in every order: obviously I dont eat enough fudge to order often enough to keep it going! 😢

If you ever make a batch, let me know!

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