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Long Lost Fudge Flavour Friends

Some Delicious Delights that have been laid to rest...

2005 - 2010 Almond & Apricot. One of my absolute favourites along with Maple Walnut. Unfortunately, nobody else really took to it and even after much persuading we had to lay it down. Gone but not forgotten. It was probably the almonds?

2007-2008 Strawberry & Elderflower. Only made one batch using dried strawberries and my homemade elderflower cordial. Our family's favourite and much talked about flavour but at the time the dried strawberries were much too expensive and not financially viable. Perhaps one to reconsider?

2018 - 2019 Rose. Exquisitely like Turkish Delight in fudge form. So, an acquired taste really but those that acquired it raved about it for months. Until they left the stage and nobody stepped into their shoes. It will come back if enough folk shout loudly enough as it was popular for a time. But not my favourite!

2018 - 2020 Chilli & Lime. Dani's personal concoction. It was an absolute winner at markets! The flavour profile was very complex and an absolute food-lovers dream if they could only taste it. The flavours came in waves. First the salt. Then the sweet coupled with the tart, then a warm sensation at the back of the throat. One you absolutely had to taste and you were hooked. We let it go once we only went online because nobody could taste it before they bought so didn't trust it. Adieu good friend!

2017 - 2021 Liquorice | Blackcurrant & Liquorice. Wow, these two flavours are, to me, mind-blowingly and absolutely the BEST fudge we ever made. Delicious, divine and indulgent. But folk were put off by the liquorice. I can see why. It's one of those marmite flavours. Luckily for me, I like marmite ( though prefer Vegemite).

2019 - 2020 Strawberry & White Chocolate. It looked the business with lovely dried strawberries, white chocolate and rice crispies for chew. This one was hugely popular BUT the particular brand of dried strawberries that we used dried up and were no longer available. Until they return, this one will have to be on the 'shelf'.

2021 Honeycomb. This one was a bright idea that we could never make work. It never really came but it very soon went.

2021 - Strawberry Pavlova. This one was nice and one of those flavours combos that everyone will like. But it wasn't overly dramatic or delicious. It was just a flavour that worked ok. I never really took to it as it was not our personal blend of AMAAZING.

These are the flavours that we miss the most... sometimes you just have to know when a relationship has come to an end. Adieu, good friends, it was great while it lasted :-(

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1 Comment

You should definitely resurrect the chilli & lime and the strawberry & elderflower! I would love to try the rose as well! They sound delicious 😋

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