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An Unusual Year

So 2020 has ended and its time to look back on a year that brought us a significant amount of change.

Up until Covid-19 and the ensuing lockdowns, our life looked like this; we would make fudge from our kitchen in the Forest of Dean 4 days a week and we would sell at shows, markets and events 3 days a week. Then it all changed.

To say that we were in mild panic would be an understatement. We thought "HOW are we going to earn a living now?" Then Dani had a light bulb moment. "Make a website!".

So, not believing that this was the answer and not believing that I had the adequate skills, I set off on that journey, not only making a website but I also put myself on a course on how to promote said website. Well... when we received our first order we were soo excited! That first day's trading on 25th March, we received 4 orders. We remember going to bed one night in that first month and wondering what the distant sound was, 'ping, ping, ping, ping', once we realised that it was orders coming through, we got up and fulfilled them there and then! We were so pleased with ourselves :-).

After a few months of extremely hard graft we came to the realisation that if selling online was how it was going to be, then we should live somewhere that made our lives easier and more pleasant. We wanted to walk outside our house to go for a walk, we wanted to be in nature and we loved rural. So, without thinking too much about it and within 4 weeks of deciding what we wanted, we moved to this beautiful spot in Northumberland which has become our little corner of heaven.

None of this would have been possible without the absolute support of you, our fabulous customers, old and new, where most have become lovely friends, even though we have not yet met!

So, here is to you, from us both 🥂🍾. Thank you.

Yara and Dani

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