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Image by Gaelle Marcel

I was that person who was always looking for the perfect fudge.  But I was always disappointed.  It was always the soft, squishy kind of fudge and not the proper, tablet-like fudge that I would have as a child.  So, I knew that there was a market for my kind of confection and I decided to make my own.   In the Autumn of 2005 Yara's Fudge was born. 

After a number of failed attempts but with a determined effort, the first batch of perfect tablet fudge was created in my tiny cottage kitchen.

After thousands of farmers' markets, shows, charity fairs and online sales, Yara's Fudge is a well-known brand in the Cotswolds and has a loyal band of followers who are eternally faithful.  Thank you all!


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We are a family business, making tablet fudge since 2006 and widely considered as one of the finest in the country.

Our first ever event, in the Autumn of 2006, was at Westonbirt School, Gloucestershire, where we sold out by lunchtime.  There was obviously a market for my kind of artisan fudge in the Cotswolds and I went on to sell regularly at Farmers' Markets in Gloucestershire, Wiltshire, Oxfordshire, Herefordshire and Worcestershire.

We are very excited to be selling almost exclusively through our Online Shop, here at and at Farmers' Markets and local events.

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