3 Bars for £10

3 Bars for £10


Three bars, mix and match, you choose your flavours.

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  • Flavours Reminder… BTW its ALL Tablet!

    Vanilla - the Original

    Salt Flake City - our take on salted Caramel

    Burnt Black Treacle - it has to be burnt

    Double Chocolate - with rich Belgian Choc Chips

    Chocolate Orange - with marmalade, chocolate chips and cacao nibs

    Chilli & Lime - first you get the lime, then the warmth... 

    Coconut Icicle - with a hint of pink

    Rum & Raisin - the old traditional, raisins soaked in dark rum

    Zingy Ginger - cut up stem ginger strewn through

    Butterscotch - similar to vanilla, yet more ‘caramelly’

    Maple Walnut - pure maple syrup and walnuts

    Biscoff - Lotus Biscoff spread through fudge

    Chocolate Salted Caramel - the chocolate one with salted caramel sauce

    Mint Choc Chip - Minty Chocolate with Cacao nibs

    Coffee - simple yet effective

    Lemon Meringue - Just like the Pie!

    Blackcurrant Ripple - with white chocolate.  Tastes like ice cream?!

    Mint Choc Chip - with darkest chocolate and cacao nibs

    Sour Cherry Brandy 

    Marmalade - with a hint of cardamom

    Peanut Butter - salted, roasted peanuts mashed into butter

    Amaretti Biscotti - Almond fest!  With Amaretto and Biscotti biscuits

    Luscious Liquorice - with raw liquorice pieces strewn through